Styling a Bold Suit

Styling a women's suit can be as easy as getting a matching blazer and pant with a monochrome shoe. The simplicity of the look speaks for itself and can be effortlessly chic. 
However, so many variables can affect your final look. 
The fit of the blazer can be more tailored or relaxed. The color and print of the blazer, as well as any embellishments or details can add to the outfit. 
The bottoms can be anything from a mini skirt to a the matching pant to the blazer. Different cuts and tailoring of your bottoms, as well as their print, texture and color are all things to consider. 
Then the additions of footwear and accessories gives you some room to play. 
In this article, we'll explore some of our favourite ways to style a suit, and how you can make the most of it for any occasion. 

The Tailored Blazer 

The tailored blazer is fitted to your body contours. You'll know it is fitted right when the sleeves reach the wrists and the shoulders are crisp and lined up. When you button up this blazer, the buttons do up just right without too much space in the bust. 
A tailored blazer provides a refined, crisp look. Pairing a standard suit jacket, with jeans elevates a casual outfit.
Whether the blazer is cropped, fit to the waist or below the waist, alongside the color and print of a jacket, a different vibe is set ... from formal to playful.
This C/MEO Collective blazer features glitter and buttons up the front. This adds something extra to a simple outfit. It is tailored to this model, and fits her snug. The length of the blazer allows it to be worn as a mini dress with tights and high boots.The same blazer could be worn with a matching pant for a more festive look.  
This Reemami blazer is longline, tailored to the shoulders and reaches the wrists. But the button details down the front and the textured lapel offer a unique twist on the look, while still allowing it to be wearable for work or a night out. 
This specific Reemami blazer has zippers on the back of the lapels, on the front and on one arm, to allow for the addition or removal of a silk pattern to the blazer. This extra dimension is whimsical and can be styled with black suit pants and heels for a work event. It can also be styled with widely, frayed bottom jeans and white sneakers for a more street style look, or a more casual event. 
A blazer such as this one, with intricate and bold detailing works best with minimal accessories. Style it with statement rings and a simple shoe to compliment the blazer. 

The Oversized Blazer

This blazer is the epitome of a relaxed look. This can be any blazer, 1-3 sizes larger than your tailored size. The sleeves could cover your hands and the shoulders could slouch. However, the texture and the quality of the blazer can still make your look effortlessly chic. 
 This kind of blazer is best for more occasion-wear, or street style looks, as opposed to work attire. You could wear an oversized blazer with a dress for a more relaxed androgynous look. You could also pair it with leather pants for a more streetstyle, edgy look.
Any of the blazers we carry at can be rented out 1-3x larger than your usual size, for a relaxed look.

Unique Blazer

A one-of-a kind, unique blazer can feature elements such as cut outs, unique prints and cuts, buttons, ruching and belts. The possibilities are endless. The range of looks that these can provide are versatile and suit virtually any style. These blazers could change the mood of your outfit if you choose to wear it true to size and tailored, or oversized.
This blazer comes in a rust orange color, and features cutouts, as well as shoulder and lapel button detailing. 
Venture out of your comfort zone and try it with a matching Reemami Shelly wide leg pant. You can pair with with a white jumpsuit for a crisp, refined look. 
If you're looking for something different for a birthday party, or night out, pair this with a leather miniskirt or cutout jeans for a more casual look. 
What is unique about a blazer, is that it can be as wearable and versatile as the pieces you use to accompany it. A unique blazer like our Reemami Shelly blazer can be work-appropriate and wearable with a white blouse and black dress pants. 
On Rotation offers you the ability to try different styles of blazer, and experiment with your outfits for the day-to-day and for special occasions that you might have.
Renting pieces gives you the ability to try different, designer items at a reasonable cost. 
Rent one of our blazers at and try pairing it with one of our designer bags today. 
Sustainable, stylish fashion has never been more easily accessible.

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