Our mission is to consider our impact on the environment in our daily operations.  Transparency and an open approach with our users is important to us.

Behind the Brand

On Rotation is founded in Canada by a Canadian mixed third-cultural woman. Her diversity contributes to the importance of inclusivity at On Rotation, in all aspects. Finding pieces that make you feel confident and the best version of yourself should not be hard to find, be unnecessarily expensive or wasteful. On Rotation aims to fulfill the needs of women that want to feel their best while doing the best they can for our world.  

Who We Are

On Rotation is a women's fashion rental boutique that considers inclusivity and sustainability.
We aim to provide a selection of curated designer clothes and bags for every woman's special occasion. Pieces chosen for each collection are found to suit a unique fashion style for variety, with a focus on wearability and exclusivity. 
It's not sustainable to buy new things for every new occasion or event. We are here to provide an alternative to buying. Rent a dress, or rent a suit. Try something new and different without the cost and waste of purchasing something new that you won't wear again. 


At On Rotation, sustainability and the environment are considered in each business decision.

According to the Global News, the fashion industry is only second to oil as the world’s largest polluter. When you shop at On Rotation, you can be assured that the packaging and materials we use are recyclable and reusable. Reusing is not only promoted by the rental business model, but in our operations as well. We ensure that environmentally cleaning practices are also used to clean our pieces to limit harsh chemicals and our carbon footprint.

At On Rotation, we feature designers to promote brands that combat the negative aspects of our industry. We support and promote designers that have a focus on responsible fashion. There is an alternative to fast fashion that is affordable to you, our valuable users, and we hope to push forward that alternative, sustainable fashion in Canada.

Whether you are bold, vibrant, elegant, modest or avant-garde ...

On Rotation hopes to provide something for you.